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My Rich Media Production Journey

In my Midterm project, I tied together a lot of basic concepts I learned in the preliminary assignments. In particular, I used Tableviews, globally accessible data, and touch events. The app I created was a wallpaper designer. It allows users to switch patterns and colors to create a custom wallpaper for their iOS device. I figured out how to hide certian UI elements so the user can screenshot the pattern in order to use it.

In my Jukebox project, I built on concepts I learned from my Midterm projects and other assignments in-between to create an app that plays previews of songs from iTunes. In particular, I used asynchronous events & downloads, API integration using the iTunes API, and data parsing with MySQL and JSON data. This was my first app with ready access to the internet which I was very excited about. It is able to communicate with external services to get data, and asynchronously download and parse it.

My final project was based heavily on my Jukebox project, especially due to their proximity in time. In my final project, I built a fully-functioning podcast player app using asynchronous parsing of MySQL data, JSON data, RSS feeds, and XML data. The app uses the iTunes API to get basic info about podcasts and the link to their RSS feeds, which are then subsequently parsed to get data about each podcast episode. This was the culminaton of what I learned in my joruney through Rich Media Production, and I'd be confident submitting this final app for approval and publishing on the iTunes store.